1.  Do not buy travel tickets or book transportation with unauthorized dealers and persons. The safest way to having peace of mind and an enjoyable trip that is memorable for the right reasons is to ask your tour operator to arrange for transportation.

2.  Do remember to check your travel documents before starting the journey and update all important telephone numbers in your diary, apart from storing emergency numbers (Police assistance, Ambulance service, local contact person etc.) in your cell-phone, if you choose to carry one.

3.  If you are on prescription medication, please ensure you have adequate supply of both prescription/s and pills for the entire duration of your India tour and perhaps a little extra to cover unforeseen delay periods during travel etc. Do remember to carry a doctor's certificate along with you to avoid possible problems with any customs checking procedures in India.

4.  First-time travelers to India may well be fascinated by the exotic array of spices, cuisines and affordability of street and hotel food, but it is inadvisable to eat spicy Indian food without sampling a bit first or affirming the extent of spice-blends used with the chef/service attendant

5.  If unsure of your ability to communicate in regional scenarios for the entire length of the tour or if opting for a combination of tour packages, especially to remote areas, please feel welcome to request your travel agent for a language interpreter. Do not play Lone Ranger - as adventurous as the prospect may seem - foreign tourists can be regarded as far from that by unscrupulous elements and considered easy targets for mugging and far more heinous crimes.

6.  Mineral water is your best companion while in India's tropical climate and is your safest bet for keeping various contaminated-water related ailments at bay and also for brushing your teeth. 7.  If you intend making any changes to Domestic Tickets in India, do consult your trusted travel agent for the best advice.

8.  All foreign nationals can use credit cards, traveler's cheques or foreign currency for the payment of all their bills, though they may use Indian rupees in case they can furnish proof of having exchanged money legally.RINT EXIT

9.  Please remember that banks in India function from Monday to Friday from 1000 hours to 1530 hours (some also function post-lunch, but you may need to consult your tour operator for specific bank details) while Government and administrative offices in India function from 0930 to 1700 hours on weekdays. So, please make arrangements for bank transactions and business dealings with either group keeping these timings in mind.

10.  Pack smart, travel light and determine weather, region-specific culture and etiquette, available cuisine (especially for those with specific diet restrictions) and range of activities prior to setting forth on the vacation of a life-time. To avoid the Holiday-from-Hell, we encourage you to try one, or more, of our custom-designed tour packages that eliminate the hassles of holiday planning (thanks to an in-house expert team of experienced tour managers) and are guaranteed to pep you up with promise of happy times while in India!